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Anti Human Trafficking Working Group

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Who We Are & What We Do

The Anti Human Trafficking Working Group (AHTWG) is a working group of The Justice Commission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates, St.Paul Province. Our mission is to provide opportunities for education and public awareness, and to support legislation that incorporates anti human trafficking and protection measures for victims of sexual trafficking. We also endeavor to provide for some unmet needs of local survivors of sex trafficking.

Goals 2015-2016

Pray for victims, survivors and perpetrators.

Create systemic change through public policy and legislation.
  • Support continued funding for the Safe Harbors Law by contacting legislators, attending hearings and press conferences.
  • Support state and federal legislative initiatives that fight human trafficking.
  • Explore with service providers the funding of programs to rescue and restore the rights of victims of trafficking over 17, who are not included in the No WrongDoor policies under the Safe Harbors laws.
  • Work with the Hospitality Industry to prevent trafficking on their premises.
  • Continue collaboration with the Minnesota State Task Force Against Trafficking.
  • Work with anti-trafficking groups to help them organize for systemic change.
  • Provide Education to raise awareness of sex trafficking and the knowledge of ways to bring about systemic change.
  • Provide Prevention Education for Working Group members.
  • Provide Prevention Education and Strategies for High School Students and Faculty.
  • Provide Follow-up Education on Pornography presented at the Lumen Christie event.
  • Share knowledge of Trafficking with church groups and connect them with
  • Professionals who serve victims directly.

Take direct action to support victims and survivors.

  • Collect Hygiene Articles, Bus Passes, Scarves
  • Help Victims and Survivors at Breaking Free with immediate needs, such as rides, childcare.etc. Volunteer certificate required to work with vulnerable Individuals.
  • Contact agencies serving victims and survivors of trafficking to identify their present needs and post that information on our web pages to elicit help from AHTWG.
  • Respond to the emerging needs of trafficking victims and survivors.
  • Support Breaking Free and other agencies dealing directly with victims and survivors by becoming certified to offer direct service to vulnerable persons.


Equality Now just announced a project titled "Survivor Stories"

"The old polarization into legalization and criminalization is giving way to a more practical, woman-centered and successful Third Way: De-criminalize the prostituted persons, offer them meaningful choices, prosecute traffickers, pimps and all who sell the bodies of others, and also penalize the customers who create the market while educating them about its tragic human consequences."

-Gloria Steinem

MN State Human Trafficking Task Force website has opened!

The NEW MN State Human Trafficking Task Force web site is up and running! It is the go-to place to find out what is happening in Minnesota. Check it out!

What can I do to stop sexual trafficking? LEARN NOW

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