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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

What do Consociates live by?

Consociate Spirit Statement (click here for pdf version)

Stimulated by the Holy Spirit, we move in communion with the Sisters of St. Joseph
and Consociates toward profound love of God and neighbor without distinction.

We are firebuilders, inspiring and supporting one another to bring forth our gifts.
The source of our flame is the everlasting love of God.

We are peacemakers engaged in a troubled world, confronting unjust systems of power.
Although we are challenged and tested, we seek to be authentic, vulnerable, grateful, and
hopeful persons.

We are co-creators of a loving community of courageous leaders and collaborators.
We commit to living the prophetic mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph and embrace the
challenges of living right relationships.

With sincere prayer, we call on Holy Wisdom to guide our every step.

Commitment Statement

Persons who complete candidacy and are accepted by the Province Leadership Council make a commitment to the community of Sisters and Consociates. During a ritual of commitment, they state the following in their own words:

"I commit myself to live the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates, St. Paul Province, moving always toward profound love of God and neighbor without distinction. I pledge myself to live the vision and values of the community as a consociate within the context of my life and responsibilities."

How Consociates are part of CSJ Community Life

  • join with CSJs in works of justice
  • share their talents and creativity
  • participate in community prayer and rituals
  • volunteer in CSJ ministries as well as their own
  • serve on Province committees and councils
  • participate in the Province assembly
  • help develop vision and implement ideas
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