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A prayer calendar has been created by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange for the next 100 days.

Two weeks of daily prayers will be released at a time and can be downloaded from the link below, or read daily prayers below:

God of love and hope, remember your people at this time of transition. We yearn for reconciliation and unity with each other. Today we pray...

That elected leaders accept that climate change is real and take steps to combat it.

Download the January 20-31 calendar >>
Download the February calendar >>
Download the March 1-15 calendar >>
Download the March 16-31 calendar>>

Sisters who blazed trails in higher education preserve heritage, charisms of Catholic universities
Catholic women religious, intent on opening new frontiers for the children of immigrants, laid a foundation of convent schools and academies to educate girls. But when they launched colleges off that base in the 19th and 20th centuries, they helped change the face of American higher education for a new generation.

Lenten Awakenings: Springtime for the Soul
On addition to the March 1, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Ash Wednesday Meditation Ritual in Our Lady of the Presentation Chapel, come immerse yourself in song, readings and reflection during these times of Lenten Prayer.

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