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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

How do you know if you want to become a sister?

Sometimes people experience a call to religious life as something tugging at their hearts or desires. Other times it grows slowly, indirectly, out of a comment or an invitation to consider religious life. It can manifest itself as a sense of joy in certain situations. All of these are valid signs of a call, but all of them need to be explored within the context of community.

There are no easy answers when you're trying to figure out what to do with your life, and it takes a lot of prayer and discernment. It’s a good idea to find a spiritual director who can help you sort it all out, or to call our membership office and talk it over with one of the Sisters there.

In the meantime, here are a few questions to think and pray about.
  • What images do I have in my mind about religious life or being a Sister? 

  • How do I picture myself living as a Sister? What kind of work do I see myself doing?

  • Why am I thinking about religious community?

  • How is my prayer life? Am I involved in a parish or small faith community? What does it mean to deepen my relationship with God?

  • What am I looking for in community?

  • What is my understanding about my sexuality? Can I be celibate?

  • How do I handle or feel about money/possessions? Can I live within a budget?

  • Does my participation in mission, spirituality, and activities of the Sisters of St. Joseph energize me?

  • How does my spirit resonate with the core beliefs of the Sisters of St. Joseph?
Spend some time meditating on these questions. Pray with them. Talk them over with your friends and family, and with your spiritual director.

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