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Get to know our CSJ Community through some of their favorite quotes.

Diane Gardner, Consociate:

This is a quote I found in my very first class at St. Kate’s. It’s from British theologian Kenneth Leech in his book True Prayer.

“Our prayer can never be purely individualistic...all prayer is social...and all prayer is therefore political, because it is an essential element in the transformation of the world. So Christian prayer is, in the deepest sense, political...Political depth and spirituality meet at the point where the inner revolution and the outer revolution are seen as one and indivisible. The fate of the soul is the fate of the social order.”

I like this because it reminds me we can all do something to affect our world. We can pray for it! I can pray to change what needs to be changed in me so that I can better understand my sister or brother from another country, class or culture. I can pray for God’s reign of justice and love to come on earth!

Kathie McLaughlin, CSJ:

My current favorite quotation is this one by Anne Lamott: "Laughter is carbonated holiness."

I like it because it makes the quest for holiness a light-hearted journey. Being holy is not lugubrious.

Susan Hames, CSJ:

I have too many favorite quotes to count, but here is one: "My work is loving the world."

It's the first line of Mary Oliver's poem, "Messenger" (Thirst, Boston: Beacon Press, 2006). The poem speaks to me of living each day filled with gratitude to be part of this wonderful God-drenched world, learning to be astonished by it and by God's holy Mystery, always.

It states my purpose/intent in being in the world and part of it; another way of putting CSJ mission (loving God and neighbor without distinction ever more) into words.

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