Becoming a Consociate

Consociates are an intergenerational group of spiritual seekers from a variety of faith traditions. While most Consociates live in the Twin Cities area, they are also represented all around the country and the world. Consociates are professionals, caregivers, students, retirees, along with many other roles and ways of being.

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Consociate community. Since 1984, individual people have become Consociates by participating in a period of candidacy and discernment before making a public commitment to the CSJ community.

Today, there are 172 Consociates who are active in bringing the CSJ mission into the world in the context of their lives.

1. Explore and Inquire

Inquiry is a time during which you become acquainted with the community, Sisters, Consociates, Ministries, and Partners.

  • You are invited to participate in public community events, prayer experiences and educational opportunities.
  • You will meet with the Consociate team to process whether you have an experience of the present CSJ/St. Paul community; share CSJ values; and are ready to begin Consociate candidacy.

2. Apply

If you decide you’d like to further your exploration, you may apply to be a Candidate.  For an application, contact Andrea Pearson Tande at  The application includes:

  • Application form;
  • Short autobiography including your spiritual journey;
  • Essay on what draws you to the mission of the CSJs, the experiences you’ve had within the community, and why you want to become a Consociate;
  • Resume;
  • And two references; one from a CSJ Sister or Consociate and another from a close colleague or friend.

3. Become a Candidate

Candidacy is typically a two year program, in which you gather monthly to:

  • Explore the history, charism, mission and ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates.
  • Share your spiritual journey within a community of other Candidates and ask critical questions about issues facing our world in these times.
  • Engage in the CSJ community life by participating in Wisdom Ways events, Justice Working Groups, Community and Consociate Assemblies as well as retreats, rituals, and ceremonies.

4. Make a Commitment

After you complete your Candidacy program, apply and upon acceptance, you will participate in the Commitment Ritual.  You will state the following in your own words:

I commit myself to live the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates, St. Paul Province, moving always toward profound love of God and neighbor without distinction. I pledge myself to live the vision and values of the community as a Consociate within the context of my life and responsibilities.


Offered throughout the year, this information session with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Consociates and other forms of affiliation explores our history and current ministries as well as a wide range of opportunities for deeper connection and growth.

Contact Andrea Pearson Tande at for more information about an upcoming CSJ Way event.

Please contact Andrea Tande in the membership office to discuss your interests and questions.