Community-based Leadership

The call to more collaborative, equitable ways for Sisters, Consociates, St. Joseph Workers, Agrégée, Friends, and Partners to live our charism and mission in our local area has been emerging for years.

The Congregational 2013 Chapter theme was “Behold I am making something new, do you not see it?” (Isaiah 43: 19). Calls to Action of that Chapter stated: We seek to embody the charism of unifying love, recognizing the many ways of living and expressing the charism…rejoicing that we already live in communion with many. And, we will create an umbrella/framework that supports existing and emerging ways of living the charism.

Consequently, with the help of audits and studies, the Community Assembly, Relationship and Association, and Ministry Commissions were launched in the St. Paul Province. We have lived into this experiment since 2016. Echoing the 2013 Chapter, the 2019 Statement of Direction stated: “We stand in communion with St. Joseph Workers, partners in mission and ministry, friends, emerging and ongoing relationships such as Agrégée.”

Preceding the Province Leadership Selection Process in 2021, Sisters considered viable possibilities for Sister governance as well as community-based leadership for the future. Last year, the community engaged in a survey, listening sessions, data synthesis, and discussion at community assemblies, all the while asking for clarity of purpose, scope of work, and governance, as well as the need for simplification and attention to concerns, all of which resulted in affirmed recommendation.

Now, the next step: embracing ambiguity, igniting imagination, listening openly, and living gracefully. The Province Leadership Team and Consociate Leadership Collaborative invite you to prayerfully consider serving on the Community-based Engagement Team. This team will further clarify, distill, and frame the potential of community-based leadership.