Hearts and Homes Working Group

The Hearts and Homes Working Group acts on our profound love for all people by advocating for systemic change, providing direct service, and addressing immediate needs for those experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities. 


The Hearts and Homes Working Group provide care packages with essentials like winter gear, snacks, hygiene products, and notebooks. These packages offer instant relief and a feeling of compassion and solidarity, reminding recipients that their community sees and supports them. The Working Group also advocates for legislative change alongside BEACON Interfaith and the CSJ Legislative Advocacy Partners to secure state bonding dollars for housing and to stabilize affordable housing. 

Care Packages

Care packages are filled with vial supplies and a comforting sense of care. Your contribution of items helps us continue this mission. 

Care Package Essentials

  • Gallon Ziplock bags
  • Snacks (soft food is best)
  • Facial tissue pocket pack
  • Note books
  • Pens
  • Hats 
  • Gloves
  • Hand warmer
  • Socks

For more information contact Marty Roers. Download a printer-friendly care package sheet here