About the CSJ Justice Commission

The CSJ Justice Commission is committed to acting for justice to create a more just world for all. We work for systemic change in order to dismantle interlocking systems of oppression.

Our charism calls us to love of God and love of neighbor without distinction. The CSJ Justice Commission works  justice grounded in radical LOVE. We seek to address the needs of the times and engage the community, both individually and collectively, in this important healing work.

The Justice Commission and the CSJ community embody justice by educating, advocating, partnering, and acting for justice in collaboration with the following CSJ working groups:

  • Dismantle Racism and Deconstruct Discrimination
    • Health Care for All
    • Homes & Hearts – Homelessness and Housing
    • Health Care for All
    • Immigration
    • Indigenous Awareness
    • LGBTQ+ Connections
  • Promote Nonviolence and Peace
  • Engage in Civic Life
    • Voter Engagement and Advocacy Actions
  • Promote Environmental Justice

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